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Family Photography Services

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Photography has this power of freezing the passage of time by creating an still image that becomes a landmark, a tangible memory of the reality of a given moment.

(and it's just as valid for the venerable comforters*!)

*Le doudou, in french

A family changes constantly, it grows, evolves, children grow up, parents too! I propose to be a witness to these changes.

By photographing your child, your children, or the whole family, I aim to create with images the testimony of a moment, a date.

I proceed in two different ways, the studio portrait, with lights and photo background and the living portrait, outside session, in nature for example. The choice belongs to my customers, with the constraint of the weather, which of course, can require to choose the studio portrait for obvious reasons. However, I have a preference for the portrait "in the wild", much more alive, natural and which is more and more chosen by my customers!

Studio session

If you agree, I can come to your home with my lighting equipment, to install a temporary photo studio and photograph your child or children, or the whole family, in a portrait session.

Coming to your place is an easier way for me to take pictures, especially with young children, who will be more comfortable in their everyday environment. It is also much easier to change clothes, for example, or hairstyle.

I need a bit of space, but it is usually quite simple for me to install a background and two or three flashes without creating a mess in the whole house!

Outside session.

Different, but also complementary to the studio portrait, it is an original way to take family pictures. It's about making a series of portraits in nature, by organizing a walk in the woods, for example.

The advantage with the outside session is that posing is much more easier, especially for children, and it creates a very nice story telling with the pictures.

Of course, the organization of such a session depends on the weather. It is thus reserved for the non rainy days, with eventually a shift of date, which has to be accepted.

Whatever the chosen option, the photos thus created are then carefully selected, prepared, edited (various effects, contrast, etc ...).

They are then available on the website even.pascallachaume.fr, on a private gallery, on which can be ordered prints or personalized gifts.

Each order gives the opportunity to download the corresponding original file in high definition. You are free to use this file as you wish (sharing on social networks, via e-mail, printing with your printer, etc ...).

If there are enough of them, I can gather all the images together in a specially formatted book, in 22x22cm or 31x31cm format, a very chic way to keep these images in a library, where they remain easily accessible.

Contact me does not engage you in anything, do not hesitate to do it, you will always be welcome!

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Do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to answer your request!