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The data collected on the website mariage.pascallachaume.fr in no case may be given or sold to third parties. These data are collected for the sole purpose of tracking the behavior of the user on the site or to allow users to contact the author of this site via email. This data will not be kept for more than three years. The user has the right to request immediate deletion. To do this, he must contact the author of this site, for example by using the contact form, accessible by clicking on "Contact" in the site menu, or by clicking the button below.

Copyright / Droits d'auteur

Copyright of images and texts of the website mariage.pascallachaume.fr

The photographs and texts on mariage.pascallachaume.fr website are protected by the french legislation on copyright.
These photographs and texts are copyrighted and are not royalty free.
Total or partial fraudulent use of the photographic and textual content of this website without permission of the author is strictly forbidden (article L122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code).
Masking or erasing property elements as well as cropping the pictures of this website are strictly prohibited. Any masking, retouching and/or transformation, processing, alteration of the pictures of this website are strictly prohibited. Offenders are liable to prosecution in accordance with articles L335-2 and L335-3 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

If you wish to use a picture from this website for your personal use on another website (blog, article), you may do it with the exclusion of any professional and/or commercial and/or artistic use, not forgetting to quote the author and add a link to the author’s website.

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