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Party Photography Services

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Birthday, housewarming, retirement, graduation, a wedding anniversary, an evening with friends, there are many opportunities to party, aren't they?

I propose to freeze these moments in time with, during the event, a portrait session of the hosts and guests.

If everyone can easily photograph or film the event for the memory, as a professional photographer, I can bring a plus, in the event itself (an event in the event!), in a series of quality images, which will be an original way to remember the celebration.

I install my temporary photo studio according to the space and location I have and the session can start. I often ask people to hold a wooden frame (as can be seen in the family portraits gallery), which gives the images a unity and helps people to pose with a smile. This is of course to be decided before the session.

The photos thus created are then carefully selected, prepared, edited (various effects, contrast, etc ...).

They are then available on the website even.pascallachaume.fr, on a private gallery, on which can be ordered prints or personalized gifts.

Each command gives the opportunity to download the corresponding original file in high definition. You are free to use this file as you wish (sharing on social networks, via e-mail, printing with your printer, etc ...).

I can gather all the images together in a specially formatted book, in 22x22cm or 31x31cm format, a very chic way to keep these images in a library, where they remain easily accessible.

Contact me does not engage you in anything, do not hesitate to do it, you will always be welcome!

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Do not hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to answer your request!