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A few words about me

  • A few words about me?

A few words about me?

My name is Pascal Lachaume, I’m french (which is quite cool) and a professional photographer since 1989. As can be seen on the picture on the left, well before that date, photography already held a very important place in my life. And that never stopped. I owe a lot to photography, which is without a doubt, essential for me.

At the beginning of my career, I worked as a still-life photographer in Paris, mainly for advertising. A very specialized kind of photography, which was a perfect school. I learned so the mastery of light and photographic techniques, as well as the rigor of composing and framing. And also the importance of paying attention to my customers needs, requirements and the desire to achieve a result in par with their expectations.

I then enlarge my activity towards portrait photography, which has always been a source of great pleasure for me, made of  rich encounters, discoveries, exchanges and sharing.

After many years in Paris, my base camp is now in La Creuse, between La Souterraine and Saint Pierre de Fursac. If I make regular trips to the french capital, I find in La Creuse an inexhaustible source of inspiration, in addition to the calm and the quality of life.

As soon as I can, I spend time in the woods and on trails with my camera. For some time a project was born from these photographic walks. I invite you to discover this project and these images by clicking on: The Symmetrical Labyrinth.

You could also visit my main website by clicking in the menu bar on... "main website"!

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